Alex Moss New York has put together Reo Sano's HUMAN MADE® Popsicle Chain. Hailing from Japan's Exile Tribe, Reo Sano is a pioneer in the world of pop culture art. He expresses his own unique artistic vision through his work with resin and detailed painting techniques. For this project, Sano chose popsicles to represent the fluidity of life. Alex Moss New York worked with Reo Sano and his team from HUMAN MADE® to help develop this IP (intellectual property) into a commercially viable product.

Mandy Sekiguchi’s Heart Pop-Tab Chain was very successful and became an instant collectible item after Alex Moss New York put it together. Sano's Popsicle Chain is set to be revealed at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles this weekend, and there will be a showcase at Art Basel Hong Kong in July 2014.

“I really like what Alex did with my Heart Pop-Tab Chain, which is why I decided to work with him on my Popsicle Chain,” said Reo Sano. “I think that Alex has a unique vision of what pop culture art can be and he helped me take the concept of popsicles as one-of-a-kind collectibles from Japan and bring it to the world.”

“It is an honor to be a part of this new HUMAN MADE® piece, especially after the success we had with Mandy Sekiguchi's Heart Pop-Tab Chain,” said Alex Moss. “Reo has done great things for pop culture art in Japan and we're looking forward to working with him and his team to develop this IP into a commercially viable product.”

HUMAN MADE® is a new lifestyle brand inspired by the street art culture of Japan. As one of the leading artists within the Japanese pop-art scene, Reo Sano is at the forefront of this movement, which can be seen in the streets of Harajuku, Shibuya, and other parts of Tokyo. Started in 2008 under the name STONED BAZOOKA®, HUMAN MADE® will bring Reo Sano's art to a global audience through innovative products designed with a street art vibe.

HUMAN MADE® is now working with Alex Moss New York on an exclusive collaboration that will feature a wide variety of products inspired by Reo Sano's unique artistic vision.