Style isn't about fashion; it's a lifestyle. When you're willing to go through the effort of choosing vintage-inspired couches, you want them to have an antique feel that will look classy in your home—not something that looks like it was picked up from Goodwill.

So how do you choose the best vintage-inspired couches? If you're going to settle with a couch that usually costs less than $100, then stick to the basics. Ideally, when you want vintage-inspired couches, you should get models with richly upholstered designs so they fit on your home's décor. So don't be afraid to think outside of the box when you're choosing where to shop.

If you still want a couch that is slightly more modern, then go for one with classic design features. Good places to start are the most popular vintage-inspired couches and sofas from the '50s and '60s, which are considered classics today. Just remember: The key elements to having a classy, vintage-style couch are the upholstery and the frame.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the best vintage-inspired couches.

1. Know what to look for in a quality sofa

2. Choose your couch frame wisely

3. Find the right upholstery fabric and color for you

4. If it's going in your living room, match it with other furniture pieces

When you're after vintage-inspired couches, this means investing in products that will make your home inviting and stylish. To do this, go beyond the usual foldable ones because there's more to buying an elegant sofa than meets the eye. And besides customary factors such as budget and size, you should take your lifestyle into consideration.