Designing your own study room is almost similar to designing your own house; with the exception of certain details that you should really put in mind, everything can be designed by yourself. The only problem here is the budget for such project might not be that much as a government house which will give you more opportunity for changes and addition.

But no matter how cheap the project could be, your goal should still remain as the same - to have a room that you will call home and also a place where you can make your own decisions on how everything is going to look like.

The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate the space that is available for the study room; it is important that you should check out the space and see how big or small it can be.

For a single person study, maybe 15 square meters of lot is enough to have a study room which is attached to an additional kitchen. The point here is that you don't want to spend more budget on furnishing your study room when you are able to divide the space into two separate rooms.

Having an attached kitchen is important for you to save your time especially in serving food or preparing beverages for students who might be inside the study room when you are not around. It is also important that you should allocate a fixed and designated area for the sink and faucet since it will consist of hot and cold water that you will need for cooking, cleaning and washing. 

Should there be a living room inside the house or detached from it? If you really want to have a room just for studying, having an attached kitchen is fine; if not, then your study room should only be considered as part of the house. In this situation, you should also make sure that the design of your study room is worth it by making it appealing on the eyes. 

You can have a desk and chair set in front of a wall mounted TV or put some sort of shelves near the window for books, files and other study materials. The point here is to make rest assured that you will not spend a lot of time just to look for what you need.