As you might have heard, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) will not be taking place this year and, instead, designers are holding individual runway shows or events to present since their spring 2020 collections.

This absence is due to the current coronavirus outbreak that began in 2019 in Africa before spreading to Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and the Caribbean, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As a result of NYFW being cancelled, designers are now struggling with how they should present their new collections to consumers since it wasn’t easy for them to adjust accordingly due to this pandemic.

A number of designers have opted for digital presentations instead of physical ones, which is a departure from the standard runway format. In addition, brands have been hosting private appointments for buyers or press rather than organized presentations.

“It’s certainly going to change things because people are going to have to adjust to not having all their partners there – because that was another part of it – and just trying something different isn’t always easy,” said Kelly Breslin, editor-at-large for Fashion Week Online.

“It’s definitely a different way of doing things but I think there are advantages. I think it allows the designer to curate the show in their own vision and they aren’t influenced or pressured by press or buyers.”

Another aspect that is changing as a result of the pandemic is the way companies conduct private appointments rather than giving presentations because they can be more creative in selecting what type of therapy they provide and the experience their clients will have with their garments.“I think it will change how people decide who they are going to invite to see them, especially since people aren’t going to be traveling as much, because you basically have to fly somewhere, so there’s a cost too, so I think designers are looking for ways not to do it the traditional way because they haven’t been able to present in New York and maybe they can do something else instead of how we traditionally do it,” Breslin said.