The luxe of luxury fashion is about to get a dose of high art. Dior has created 14 limited edition versions of its iconic Lady Dior handbag, designed by 10 contemporary artists—including Sarah Morris and Richard Prince.

"We believe that the collaboration with artists from the international art scene on the new Lady Dior bag will give this iconic luxury accessory a new dimension,” Dior CEO Sidney Toledano said in a statement.

Now available at select Dior boutiques, the bags will be more widely available starting December 15 and online in January. Here are our favorite pieces—and the artists who dreamed them up.

Bharti Kher – 2014 – The “Tigers” Lady Dior: Embroidered tigers and flames inspired by the embroideries of Kuchi tribes and the sindoor and mehndi motifs that adorn Indian women.

Jannis Kounellis – 2013 – The “Red” Lady Dior: A large rectangle, hand-dyed in red by the artist himself and placed at the center of a black leather bag.

Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg - 2014 – The "Multicolored Lady Dior": A reptilian skin purse with a handle in the shape of an elephant—inspired by Indian temples.