Art and science were his finest craft; Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the foremost artists in Western Art history. Known for his meticulous, dynamic drawings, painting, portraits, and writings. He was the founding father of the High Renaissance style. Remarkable and ever-astonishing his works are from then on until today, he carved into the world a lasting piece of himself that many appreciate. 

One of the most prominent in humanity's history was a man who combined invention, art, nature, and science to transform how life and creation were recognized by everyone. Hundreds of strikes had transpired before his time. However, the way he grasped the world allowed him to endure life uniquely from everyone else, allowed him to create a revolution of his own. 

One of Da Vinci's most significant impact was his studying of anatomy, which influenced all of his creations both in his originalities and crafts. In his art, the emphasis on defining the proper function of nature was of the utmost concern. "Da Vinci's powers of research and craft as an illustrator allowed him to discern and recreate the outcomes he saw in nature, supplementing a particular energy to his portraits." Each of his pieces conveys some kind of movement or directs the eye to focus on specific aspects of the painting, a new technique. 

It wasn't just human anatomy and physiology that sparked in da Vinci's mind. He also used his deep study of birds and bats to devise a flying machine. By that time, he foresaw the age of flight. In that today, we've been using it as the most practical way of transportation from one country to another. 

With his practical ideas, it may seem quite farfetched. Still, most of these were applied mainly in architecture and design all over the world. Name it, the first usable versions of scissors, portable bridges, diving suits, a mirror-grinding machine similar to those used to make telescopes, and a machine to produce screws.

From anatomical drawings to robotic knights, Leonardo da Vinci's works and concepts shaped the present world and all things functional and practical.