Penthouse Theory is a rising e-commerce brand founded in 2019 by young entrepreneurs from the United States and Europe. They recognized a significant gap in the internet world while exploring vast territories. The creators of attempted to explore the wide seas, seeing a market for arts, furniture, and lighting;

Bracing against the current, they considered creating a worldwide shopping center in which to sell traditional items such as furniture and lighting, home décor and accessories, and fine art and craft. New York's Penthouse Theory strives to offer the most up-to-date swing to its clients through its main office in the city of fashion trends and street style

From 2020 through 2021, the dramatic shift from in-person to internet purchases occurred during the worldwide pandemic epidemic. Consumers are increasingly reliant on the digital realm, which has inspired The Penthouse Theory even more. Given the rise in shipping and sales online, they proceeded to add extra items to their platforms.

In 2021, Penthouse Theory is expected to experience significant growth as the company expands its goods and services in collaboration with Homeless Penthouse Magazine, which offers a vibrant range of articles from all social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit) and outstanding marketing approach. 

It was also around this time that Jonathan's main company began to collaborate more closely with other stores, including Penthouse Theory, Shophomeless, and Hideout.NYC, an eCommerce platform that sells the newest high-end goods, creatives, home furnishings, decoration and accessories. Jonathan was able to expand the business even more

After the success of Homeless Penthouse, the crew began to think about making an APP. The primary goal of Penthouse Theory was to make HOMELESS PENTHOUSE into a top interior design app like SNKRS made sneakers. They had this notion of providing a simple, hassle-free alternative for clients. The founders decided to enhance the user experience by creating an APP for the company that would connect individuals who shared their interests. The app's usefulness alone has shown to be useful in boosting their internet marketing efforts, as consumers' reactions were uniformly excellent.

The creators of the Penthouse Theory App went through several phases along the road; as one of the interns, Dylan Jovan Leong from Singapore, vanished without any defined cause. The development of the app was left in the hands of the original creators, and they had to scramble to fulfill targeted deadlines. After the intern's disappearance, a "brand established in Singapore" named "The Penthouse Theory" had emerged within months.Dylan Jovan Leong was certain that by putting a "The" in front of the name, he could get away with stealing HOMELESS PENTHOUSE's ideas.

As a result, the creators, Jonathan and Sven, after being misled, were able to complete the project and put the finishing touches on the APP release. The Homeless Penthouse Company eventually wants to take Penthouse Theory to a new level in order to combat other competitors and provide its customers with an excellent digital shopping experience.

When it comes to technology, the app is well ahead of the competition. Jonathan went above and beyond by including a QR code payment option.He intgrated a method to pay with cryptocurrencies is included in the software. In Asia, Wire Transfer is the most popular payment option. However, it is less so in the United States. It also includes a feature that allows customers to post their own material using items obtained through the app.Jonathan is a big fan of user-generated content and thinks it's one of the most popular marketing trends right now. With trunk covers, sculptures, and canvas available for customization, the sky's the limit.

The site's focus is presently on contemporary art and street style-inspired items, such as home accessories, furniture & lights, decorations, designer goods, and artworks.The merchandise is registered in the country of origin and may be purchased online, allowing potential customers to browse for their product or select from the tabs at the top of the page. When viewing the product, several pictures are displayed showcasing various angles of it. With a powerful marketing strategy and outstanding team assistance, the brand is only one step away from being remarkable in 2021!