Sustainable rugs are made from natural materials including organic cotton, hand-spun wool and jute. Sustainable rugs are eco-friendly and safe for the environment so you can be sure that these rugs won't harm the environment when disposed of or recycled at the end of its life. It promotes long lasting relationships with you and your space.

House of Grey is a London-based interior design studio. They wanted to create new rugs with Armadillo feature the idea of purchasing well, which symbolizes creating sustainable living spaces that last without sacrificing style. New handcrafted designs are made from natural materials including organic cotton and wool.

The House of Grey team shares: "We've always been fans of Armadillo. When we discovered the concept of "purchase well" it resonated so strongly with us that we wanted to develop a range of rugs for them. The main challenge was finding a solution for natural materials that could be machine-made at affordable prices. We're very proud of the result, and hope our new designs will inspire a new generation to look at sustainable living spaces in an entirely new way."

  • There are 12 rugs available. They are handwoven from sustainably sourced materials woven by artisans in India. The modern-day tribal-style designs include four organic cotton and wool rugs that feature more than twice as much material as traditional rugs, making them more sustainable. Other contemporary designs include:
  • The Realm of Mercury Oriental rug made from cotton and wool, featuring a digital print inspired by nature that emulates the shape of an atom or molecule;
  • The Colour Light saffron handwoven jute rug with striking geometric motifs and shades of vivid blue;
  • The Sprout organic cotton rug handwoven with wool that features colorful stripes in a modern border print, reminiscent of designer wallpaper.