Metaverse communities are growing every day, and Homeless Penthouse is excited to announce that we have joined the metaverse! We are a next gen community that meets, shares, and collaborates together in our 3d virtual spaces. Our public rooms provide a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

So why join Homeless Penthouse? We believe in creating a strong community that supports one another. Our members are friendly and welcoming, and we are always looking for new ways to connect and engage with each other. Whether you're looking to meet new friends, collaborate on projects, or just have some fun, Homeless Penthouse is the place for you!

Our community is comprised of members who are looking for new experiences in virtual spaces, and we welcome you to join us! We have several active members who would love to get to know you. Our members are very social and communicative, so if you need help or just want someone to chat with feel free to ask one of our Maintainers or Curators.

Our public rooms are constantly changing, so be sure to check back often! We hope you enjoy our community as much as we do. Thank you for joining us!We hope that you take advantage of our public rooms and enjoy all that our community has to offer. We can't wait to see you in-game!