OpenSea is a distributed peer-to-peer marketplace for buying, trading, and selling rare digital commodities, such as art, collectibles, and gaming items using non-fungible tokens or NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. OpenSea currently bills itself as the world’s largest marketplace for digital products, claiming to have the lowest pricing on new things and having a wide selection of available products in over 200 categories.

From decentralized domain names, digital art and collectibles, sports NFTs, trading cards, and utility NFTs, these can all be traded on OpenSea. Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Cryptopunks, Gods Unchained, SuperRare, and other notable NFT projects have used OpenSea as their primary platform.

OpenSea, for instance, enables anybody to trade NFTs on the worldwide market but accepts no responsibility for any of the products listed on its platform. Instead, the marketplace allows users to trade using a smart contract while storing their products in their own wallet. Users can also be able to post their products on OpenSea even if they are already listed on their marketplaces as long as they stay in their own wallets.

OpenSea simply provides an open platform for users to trade on while collecting only 2.5 percent of their purchase price of each NFT traded, deemed one of the lowest in the market as of earlier this year.

And now, we at Homeless Penthouse have joined the bandwagon. Ranging from novelty collector items, trendy streetwear, and digital artworks, our products will now be supported thanks to the integration with OpenSea. Our ecosystem will be able to connect with a much larger audience thanks to their blockchain support and we are excited to continue exploring more fascinating digital assets. We believe that with the support of OpenSea and its thriving NFT community, we may boost our chances of also growing in the blockchain sector and allowing even mainstream audiences to experience our unique digital products and services.

Check out Homeless Penthouse Classic on the OpenSea platform for our latest listings!