The “Non Fragment TokenNFT project by creative collaborators Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Gonzales has at long last been published.

In December 2021, the band teased the project, with fans speculating about what it would look like. In a Twitter sneak peek responding to inquiries, SOULSHIFT revealed an image of Gonzales' famous "Shmoo" character. The artist has also spoken about his personal journey through Gonzales' artistic "Fragment" approach, which will be presented utilizing this NFT.

Futurism also reported this as fact. This NFT provides 10,000 limited-edition designs of Shmoo. Future renditions are planned to include Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hassan Rahim among others.

"Non Fragment Token" is an NFT developed by Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Gonzales, which provides 10,000 limited-edition designs of Shmoo to the public. Although future renditions are planned to include Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hassan Rahim among others, this is an initial release that was well-received by both Fujiwara's and Gonzales' fans.

This NFT will provide 10,000 limited-edition versions of Shmoo, and the first person to snatch one up will be offered a private collaboration with the pair. The NFT will contained a special piece of art from Gonzales, and buyers will also get to choose between three different rings from Fujiwara’s apparel line “Freitag”. This includes the “Freitag” jacket that Fujiwara designed.

Producing this NFT was no easy task. SOULSHIFT’s platform utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFT) to distribute the artwork, and each of these is limited to 100 units. Currently, you can only purchase one on the Soulshift Marketplace for $79.00.

Priced at $30,000, this is the most expensive NFT ever to hit the market. However, this price point proved worthwhile as interested buyers competed to snap up one of Shmoo's 10,000 limited-edition designs. The project is expected to sell out within hours, so hit up SOULSHIFT’s platform on your mobile app to get a piece of history.