Highsnobiety has been preparing for their third “Not In Paris” show, which took place during Men’s Fashion Week instead of the customary week-long display. They have chosen to include a plethora of partners to develop a limited run of items, which were hosted in Advisory Board Crystals, Gucci, June A.P.C., Rick Owens, and Thom Browne are among such brands. A Bathing Ape’s BAPE STA designs, on the other hand, were considered the most enthusiastic for.

In reference to Highsnobiety’s groundbreaking campaign surrounding Paris Fashion Week, the Eiffel Tower and the slogan “Not In Paris” were seen imprinted on the lateral heel of each shoe.

Joining the celebration for the “Not In Paris” show were three distinct colorways produced, each with exquisite embellishments. There are three colors: green, blue, and red, and they were all produced with two-tone makeup that alternated between the main color of each shoe and white. The whole composition of the BAPE STAs has not changed, but they have been upgraded as time goes by.

The Highsnobiety x A Bathing Ape BAPE STAs were exclusively made available at the Highsnobiety Shop last June 22. The drop was part of an even bigger exhibition that included unique content and announced more product partnership with over 15 other labels.