Hebru Brantley is known for his narrative-driven work with his iconic characters addressing ideas about sentimentality, individuality, power, and hope. His works are greatly influenced by the Afro Cobra Movement of Chicago back in the 60s. Using graffiti, mural, and canvases, his works continue to excite traditional views of a protagonist. The known artist became famous worldwide with several exhibits, mainly in the U.S, Europe, and some parts of Asia. 

In one of his projects with a good friend, Avant Arte collaborated to launch a unique duo of limited edition pieces. Printed on a ridged cotton paper is Brently's vibrant cartoonish totem style of three heads with different optimistic expressions emphasizing unity in our society's current situation. 

The work is entitled: 3 THE HARD WAY, which depicts people's togetherness in fighting racism and brutality. According to Brantley, "we are stronger together; I was thinking about building a community, the tome signifies one on top of another to reach somewhere closer to where we need to be. I've been exploring the language of totems and like the idea that you can combine different ideologies and tie them together in one narrative. Through 3 THE HARD WAY what I'm creating is one very concise theme, of brotherhood and building. Ultimately, the works highlight themes of race and power, but also hope."

Last November 3, 2020, the limited edition artwork was launched on Avan Arte's website. With minimal copies at an exceptional price. The sculpture, 50 pieces at EUR 12,000 ($14,270) apiece; The prints, 125 copies at EUR 2,500 ($2,970) apiece.