Rotary Hero is a Japanese company founded in 1989 by Japanese Hero Sugimoto with the goal of developing entertaining items. The Moai Tissue Box Holder is one of their most popular items ever released, but the company’s product lines have grown to include huge doorstops, innovative stools, solar lights, and tissue covers, among other things. A reoccurring picture in their product catalogue is the Moai (from the Easter Islands). The items are hand-paintedd and made of environmentally friendly resin. Rotary Hero is known for its distinctive design and entertaining goods, which are particularly appealing to those with a good sense of humor.

Following a successful release last year, HBX geared up for another collaboration with Rotary Hero, providing whimsical stool designs that can only be characterized as irresistibly amusing. They are known as décor mainstays in NIGO’s personal spaces.

The Hamburger Stool

The massive Hamburger Stool appears to be delectable. The hand-painted components of fresh tomato, lettuce, and the ideal burger would made you want to bite into the Hamburger Stool right away, and it is a true piece of art. Not only can it be used as a seat, but it can also be used as a footrest or side table. This stool is great for a weekend barbecue, but it also a stylish and functional piece of inside furniture. A fantastic present idea for anybody who enjoys a visually appealing and tasteful burger.

The Dollar Stool

The 3 million US Dollar Stool is stacked with $100 banknotes. Unfortunately, you will not be able to spend this large sum of money, but it appears to be looking very genuine. Place your feel on the three-million-dollar stack and think about what you would do with it. However, the USD side table may also be used to hold a book or a drink. An amazing eye-catcher next to the sofa in the living room, in the hallways with a bouquet of flowers, or in the bedroom.

There are also Donut and Ice Cream stools that expand popular meals, in addition to the recreated versions of the other stools. All the items have been considered ideal complements to any house.