The artist behind the Hanksy New York street art project is back with a new art series that parodies digital currency.

His latest work imagines popular figures in cryptocurrency, including Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, as well as own his dog, donning bitcoin-stamped bandanas. The works are said to be available for purchase on the online art gallery, Bitify.

Hanksy is no stranger to parading around figures who are synonymous with emerging technologies and this is hardly his first foray into the crypto industry. Just two years ago, he crafted a vinyl toy of Elon Musk as a sexy anime character which he sold on Ebay for $2,500.

Other celebrities and public figures who appeared in Hanksy’s previous works include Johnny Depp and Bitcoin-friendly actor Ashton Kutcher.

Hanksy is an American street artist best known for his satirical wheat paste pieces and stickers depicting celebrities as cartoonish, anthropomorphic animals. From 2011 to 2017, Adam Lucas filled Lower Manhattan’s streets with silly works portraying Tom Hanks as a rat (inspired by Banksy’s rat that once adorned a New York storefront window), Kanye West as a poo emoji, and Donald Trump as a poop monster with his entourage of butt buddies.

In all fairness, the cryptocurrency industry has been ready for an upgrade to its public image for quite some time now, so Hanksy’s crypto-themed art pieces seem like a natural fit.

Hanksy’s Bitcoin art series will be exhibited for the first time at an event called Satoshi Gallery which takes place during Blockchain Week NYC. Hanksy is an artist originating from New York City. He started his career in street art by pasting up work in Lower Manhattan. His satirical street art often includes depictions of celebrities and pop culture cartoons. The Dump Trump artwork portraying US President Donald Trump as a poop emoji ultimately inspired his graffiti moniker and launched his career. He retired his Hanksy street art project in 2017.