The collaboration between Medicom Toy and Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama to produce a new "IRON MAN HAJIME SORAYAMA Metropolis Variant Ver." figure is proof of the company's dedication to bringing its trademarks back into circulation.

The work is made of silver and gold die-cast and electroplated components and displays the Sorayama brand's distinctive metallic appearance. The limited-edition Iron Man figure is 43 cm (approximately 17 inches) tall and contains LED lights in the eyes, chest, and hands. The back has a large, glowing "8" with an equally bright red outline. Additional features include sharp antennae sticking out of the ears and an Iron Man etched in Kanji on the quad plate. The Hi-Valence projector will be available in September for a price of ¥150,000.

Iron Man has always been my favorite superhero. I’m not quite sure what it is about him, even though he has no actual superpowers, except his genius level intelligence and the cool suit of armor that protects him. Perhaps it’s because he made me realize that if you give someone a powerful tool, they should only use it to do good; otherwise it is a waste of resources.

The amazing art style of, Hajime Sorayama perfectly combines with the Marvel Superhero, Iron Man. Medicom has done a great job in capturing every little detail of Iron Man in this figure. The silver and gold die-cast and electroplated parts together with the LED lights make this a perfect addition to your Marvel Collection! I would definitely recommend getting one.

Hajime Sorayama is known for his erotic robot figures. His artwork consists of beautiful women with an almost mechanical appearance, giving them a surreal look that adds to the mystery of each character. After studying painting at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Sorayama started his career in the art division of advertising agency D’Arcy before moving on to Kodansha. The IRON MAN Metropolis Varian Ver. statue will be available exclusively in 2G Tokyo for ¥327,800 JPY (approximately $2878 USD), and it is anticipated to ship in March.