Working-From-Home is here to stay as we go further this year. It makes practical sense for most of us, such as more time with pets, less hassle in commuting, and no more lunches, it is also linked to higher productivity and lower stress level. But to make things work for you, a good set up is much needed. It takes time to find the perfect set up for your working area, but it is worth investing your time, money, and energy, giving you productivity in return. To achieve a friendly and efficient working area, we've created a list of must-haves upgrades to get you working on and keep the work grind feeling good. 

Add Light to your work-life

Lights set the mood and brings the best out of a room. Creating an inspiring workspace invites ourselves to run our game-changing ideas every day! Make sure to never run out of one by illuminating your workspace with bright and energetic neon lights. Bring the color in with vibe. The good thing about it is that you can easily use them in place of motivational posters in your creative corners, just like the Paris Neon Lights Designer Sign from that ignites with innovative energy.

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Back to Nature

Investing in house plants brings in bright vibes to your workspace. When you're out of ideas, office plants can provide inspiration. It positively impacts your creativity. You can jumpstart your indoor jungle with your favorite plant picks at The Sill. If you happen to have access to a nature view, It is encouraged to rearrange your furniture so that your workspace faces the window with a view of the sky or trees or some greenery. If not so, you can always include a colorful and plantiful artlike favorite pillow depicting your favorite natural element, or a wild rug. Try sprucing up your space with one of the best-known art piece iconic symbols of a Japanese Pop Artist, Takashi Murakami's Flower Plush, a rainbow-pleated, plush version famous of its motif featuring a laughing face with unique pink and blue eyes available at or a set of tropical or semi-tropical houseplant from .

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Takashi Murakami's Flower Plush. see more

Rethink and Organize

Rearranging allows a person to become more creative and generate spontaneous ideas. And somehow organizing cluttered workspaces prompts you to become more productive at work. With the Color Crate Sets available at you can give all of your documents, planning materials, and office supplies a designated spot.

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Create Meditation Spaces

Separating work from leisure is very important. That's why you have to identify areas at home where you will be willing to dedicate your time to improving your life's personal aspect. Thus creating spaces for exercise, sleep, and meditation will help you establish routine and balance into your workday. With unparalleled performance, this sustainable, soft-in-texture and non-slip yoga mats from is the perfect piece for your meditation and exercises. It can help you maintain your alliance as you move from one pose to another, as well as when you hold poses for several seconds.

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Take Care

Furniture, Home Decor and household items are part of our everyday lives. Having a work from home set up means we're using them more than usual. Thus we need to take care of them, these incredible pieces deserve the best care we can provide. It also is recommended to clean through shelves, drawers, and closest for things that can be repurposed or reorganized. Besides that, taking care of yourself is part of the step. Though a little bit of rearranging helps, creating a relaxing space for yourself means self-care, Setting up your personal space with comfy beddings and having the right mug for your warm drink makes a difference too. A more personal upgrade to start with is a genuine vintage NYC mug and Luxury Comforter from .

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