Throw pillows are one of those simple ways you can change the look and feel of a room with just one simple swap. And there’s no question that they make a space more fun to spend time in! But throw pillows aren’t just about aesthetics, they add comfort too (and even function). So when choosing throw pillows, you have to think about lots of different factors. You don’t want your choices to overwhelm your room. Here are a few tips:

Think about your room’s color scheme – Have a whole bunch of throw pillow ideas? Start with the invisible—the walls! What colors are they? If you have a big patch of blue in your room, you want to choose pillows that will “pop” against it. If the walls are already filled with color, go for a monochromatic scheme so that they won’t compete with each other and be sure to make them similar in scale and form. And if your walls don’t contain any color, you have lots of options on how to bring them in (see below).

Pillow talk – Once you’ve settled on your room’s main color scheme, you can start thinking about the pillows. Will they be solid or will they have patterns? How big should each pillow be? Should they be the same or different sizes? While solid color throw pillows are a classic choice, you can add some interest by using patterned or graphic pillows. And even if you’re going with solids, there are still lots of options to mix things up (e.g., shiny and matte fabrics).

Make ‘em match – If you already have a lot of color in your room (e.g., the walls are painted a bright blue and there’s a pretty bold area rug on the floor), then it can be fun to bring in some monochromatic pillows—they act as a contemporary accent against all that color. One trick for pulling it off? Make sure that you bring in at least 2 or 3 different shades of a color, so that everything doesn’t look like it was bought from the same place. Maybe your blue walls are a deep hue and your pillows come in both light and dark blues. Or maybe your curtains are pink and you want to bring in a taupe throw pillow.

Be boho – If you prefer to have lots of texture and pattern at home, then why not go for it with your pillows too? Boho pillows are all about the prints and patterns—and they’re great because they add color to your space without being overwhelming. This look is quite popular, so if you want to do it, you’ll have lots of great options. Think: a variety of blues (especially deep ones) and white with a little bit of black thrown in for good measure.