Louis Vuitton is one of the world's largest and most renowned luxury brands. It designs, manufactures and sells premium leather goods (including handbags, travel bags, luggage and small leather goods), shoes, watches, perfumes and jewelry. Louis Vuitton is widely known for its LV monogram design on its iconic products in addition to a variety of other luxury goods offered.

People adore Louis Vuitton because of its high-quality products and the sense of sophistication that accompanies them. The brand has never compromised on its standards and continues to offer elegant, stylish products that are highly durable.

LV x NBA Letters Blanket

When you work for a big company, it's very common to get a few "swag" items every year as a token of appreciation. In the case of my company, we just got an LV x NBA Letters Blanket ($249) from LV, specifically an NBA blanket. The blanket features all 30 team logos and is made of 100% polyester.

It is a beautiful and very large blanket (90 by 65 inches) and it feels soft and comfortable and has a luxurious look to it. I got the Lakers version, but we also got blankets with other popular teams like Celtics, Bulls, Knicks, etc.

Louis Vuitton Sleeping Mask and Pouch

The Louis Vuitton Sleeping Mask were private releases in 2005, much to the delight of collectors everywhere. As a result, prices on the secondary market for these masks and pouches (like eBay or Styleforum's marketplace) can be quite high; it's not uncommon to see the mask go for $300 or more, and the pouch go for $200. The mask is currently available at Louis Vuitton boutiques for between €130-150, around €90 of which is solely down to brand cachet. In North America, the mask is available at boutiques for around US$220.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Classic Beach Towel

For many, summer is synonymous with beaches, sun, and poolside lounging. Even if you're not lounging by the pool or on the sand, a chic towel can take your look from worn out to put together in an instant. So when we came across this Louis Vuitton beach towel, we couldn't help but share it with you.

This is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Classic Beach Towel. This towel comes in LV's signature monogram coated canvas, has a terrycloth lining, and is finished with natural cowhide leather trimming.

Louis Vuitton Peace & Love T-Shirt

Louis Vuitton, the most famous luxury brand in the world has sold a t-shirt with Karl Lagerfeld's drawing of an airplane attacking the Eiffel Tower. The French luxury house called it "a tribute to freedom". Marc Jacobs, creative director of Louis Vuitton said, "We all need to live with respect for each other and with the feeling of being free and it seems so basic, but we still have a long way to go."

Louis Vuitton Tray Set

The Louis Vuitton Tray Set is a beautifully crafted tray with an elegant exterior, perfect to keep all kinds of items. The set comes with two trays- one big and the other small, which can be used separately or put together to form a single tray. More often than not you would think that this product costs thousands of dollars but the truth is that it is available for everyone who has the budget to afford it. It comes in Monogram Empreinte, which is one of the most luxurious materials used by Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier 50

It's basically a purse, but can be used to transport Chihuahuas or other small dogs on long trips where you wouldn't want to keep them in the car the whole time. It's a bag with a leash. All you have to do is put the dog in it, and tie the leash around your waist so that the dog is attached to you.

In 2006, this purse sold for $950 at an auction. It comes with a small kennel for your pet to lie in. The handles are made of brown leather. There is a leash that attaches to the dog's collar, and then detaches from the purse, allowing you to hold the leash in your hand while walking your dog.

Louis Vuitton Duck Bag

There are many types of LV Duck Bags but what makes an original Louis Vuitton Duck Bag is that it has 'duck bill' clasps with the brand's insignia on it. The purse is called the Monogram Multicolored Collection and it has been released in a multitude of colors since its debut.

Porcelain Vase Petite Boite Chapeau

The elegant Porcelain Vase Petite Boite Chapeau is a perfect vase for both flowers and people! The exquisitely crafted porcelain vases are handcrafted by skilled artists at the world-famous Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Their craftsmanship ensures that each of the gorgeous decorated vases is unique. The vase's lid can be removed to reveal a second, smaller porcelain vase hidden inside.

Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set James

Louis Vuitton has just introduced the James Bond Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set. Priced at $290,000, this is one of their most expensive products ever made. For this hefty price tag, you get three paddles and three balls encased in a special aluminum case that is handmade by trunk maker Moynat. This luxury set is created in a limited-edition of just 500 pieces.

Louis Vuitton Exercise Mat

The Louis Vuitton exercise mat is meant to keep people comfortable when they work out. For example, after an individual exercises on a traditional floor mat, he or she may have difficulty standing back up due to the discomfort from not being able to get a good grip on the floor. A person can also slip on some floors as well which can be dangerous when exercising. With a Louis Vuitton exercise mat, comfort is not an issue when people work out and neither is the safety factor.