Gufram is an Italian brand well-known for their “playful and witty design” of furniture that has stretched the boundaries of creative architecture. They have brought pop art into museums, art galleries, collections, and up to reaching people’s homes worldwide. With their own concept of nonconformist and unique pieces. Gufram has set a new frontier that has taken Italian radical design to a whole new level.

Gufram began in Turin as an artisanal entity where its distinctive elements of upholstery, furniture paddings, and cabinetmaking paved a new way of understanding the subversive art of modern furniture. These manufacturing icons have produced designs with the dogma for everyone that “form follows function.” Objects in denial with their function became soft and usable sculptures with a soul.

A few notable pieces from Gufram include the Bocca couch, the Farfalla butterfly shaped item, and the Cactus tree. Most collections have defined roles that once seen are focused on loud textures with joyful personalities in its own aesthetic components. From different exhibits since 1966 to 1972, Gufram has taken over the most notorious museums and well-known houses around the globe.

The brand has been taken over by the Vezza clan in 2012 and is currently situated in the Langhe region of Barolo, a UNESCO world heritage area well-marked for international food and wine finds in the country. With current owner and art director Charley Vezza, Gufram has amplified their efforts in sharing their globally creative ensembles through new and improved communication strategies and advertising which were celebrated in the company’s 50th anniversary.

Gufram is a forward-thinking business that is not afraid to push the boundaries of adding a little humor into their design process. Vezza has described their hierarchy as the exact opposite of giant, strict, and bureaucratic corporations. Aside from their refined mastery and unique production techniques in using flexible polyurethane, one of their greatest achievements include the development of Guflac, an innovative varnish that coats foam and patents a special finish into each one of their furniture surfaces. To keep an accurate and cohesive guarantee in all products, up to 12 layers of Guflac are applied and handcrafted in each item. These unique items include the tombstone shaped The End of Toilet paper Collection, the legendary Sculptural Cactus in all editions, the Functional Pop seat Torneraj, and the newest addition of the Broken Mirror collaborated with Snarkitecture.

Since then, Gufram has crafted tales in its own language that many have failed to emulate. They have represented Italian creativity in a way that allowed almost everyone to experience a new kind of domestic landscape with a mix of pop and conceptual art to furniture. “Iconic, ironic, and unconventional” as they say. The imaginative and remarkable design process of Gufram channels so much of the highly natural and optimistic nature they are famed for. With design collections such as Living Edge and Blow, these embody a sense of grit yet in a relaxing and stable design. Gufram has redesigned the styling stand of design enthusiasts and interior designers alike.