Gufram has been influencing the course of current design since its inception in 1966. They are known to be as avant-garde and as experimental as they can be. Franco Mello and Guido Drocco, both of whom lecture at the University of Turin, are a design pair. They designed this startingly unusual cactus to challenge and destabilize the staid reality of 1970s interiors. Cactus is a symbol of Italian design that has transformed the residential environment. This hall tree with four cantilevered arms, made of porous polyurethane, is as tall as a person and seems like an amusing symbol.

Franco Mello and Guido Drocco designed the “Cactus” coat rack for GUFRAM in 1972, and it has since become a classic piece of vintage artist impression. Mello & Drocco’s “Metacactus” coat rack is a lime green variation of the Cactus with accents of orange, created on the 40th anniversary of their initial design. The coat rack has subsequently become a pop art landmark, embracing the movement’s brilliant color and humor while still providing a practical aspect. Though no one must worry about harsh thorns, the cactus can also be used as a decorative element. A playful statement item with a modern art flair. Each one is handcrafted, with studs galvanized by qualified artisan separately. Only 300 copies are available in its limited edition.

The iconical Collection features works that interpret and maintain the commemorating spirit of radical design alive and well. It’s Italian design classics that have already captured the public imagination, as well as new household sculptures that, in terms of language and character, show a preferential kinship with objects on exhibit in the world’s most prestigious museums. These interior design items, created entirely by hand, illustrate the wonderful meeting of art and design that is an essential part of Gufram’s soul as a brand.