Gucci has joined forces with augmented reality fashion firm Wanna to produce a pair $12 priced virtual sneakers, designed by Alessandro Michele, and it can be “worn” using an unique filter accessible on the Gucci and Wanna apps. The shoes may also be used to create avatars for video games such as Roblox.

The Virtual 25 sneaker is a bubblegum pink, hefty slime green, and sky-blue shoes that would not come as a surprise if seen in a robotics or orthotics clinic. As previously described, it can only be “worn” through augmented and virtual reality applications. Although the shoes are Gucci’s “first digital piece,” the company is no stranger to in-app sales. The design house’s app already offers digital arcade games, and since January, they added augmented reality or AR capabilities to their platform, allowing consumers to try on shoes and watches digitally.

The company, which is known for its latest innovations in the digital world, also produced Pokemon GO avatars dressed in their Gucci x The North Face outfits that were geolocated near retail stores earlier this year. In 2019, brand competitor Louis Vuitton teamed up with League of Legends to develop virtual trophy cases.

For Gucci, the timing of this new product launch could not have been more fortunate (or possibly planned). As the fanciful market for non-fungible tokens or NFTs gets hot, NBA trade cards and virtual artworks have been selling for hundreds and thousands of dollars. People have also been spending incredible sums of money on goods that only exist online. Gucci’s virtual shoes, on the other hand, are not NFTs.

Gucci also sells children’s clothing, and more than half of the active players of Roblox, one of the sites where the new sneakers may be worn, are under the age of 13. So this might a case of parental wish fulfillment: a pair of sneakers that a child will never outgrow.