Gucci is gearing up to launch its next collaboration, this time by teaming up with mobile game maker Superplastic.

"We're really excited about the opportunity to work with Gucci on our first officially licensed project," Superplastic co-founder Mattia Lucchese told FN of the partnership. "Gucci is a perfect fit for us, as they are extremely open to creative collaboration and innovation. We hope that our game will bring a fresh element of fun to Gucci's already amazing universe."

The card-flipping mobile app, called Cherry Flip, was originally released in May 2016 as an antithesis to games such as Candy Crush. Now, the brand is looking to tap into the highly coveted Gen Z demographic with its first-ever foray into gaming.

"We have been thinking about the idea of branching out from traditional digital advertising and exploring new formats where we can create a deeper, more engaging experience for our fans," Alessandro Michele, Gucci's creative director, said in a statement. "Gaming is an area where we see a lot of potential for this approach."

Superplastic has already seen success in the gaming space, after its game Hipster Runoff helped to promote Miley Cyrus's album "Bangerz" through its unique narrative. Sales of the album went on to skyrocket.

This year, Gucci has significantly increased its presence in pop culture, working with retail partners like Target and Amazon on exclusive capsule collections, as well as deploying guerrilla marketing tactics. The brand also celebrated its 70th anniversary by hosting a runway show on Hollywood Boulevard starring Jared Leto and K-pop sensation CL.

"We are excited to collaborate with Gucci on bringing Cherry Flip to life," Lucchese added. "We see a lot of potential to expand the Cherry Flip universe and explore new possibilities."The collaboration with Superplastic will be available on and in stores, before going live on the app store. Pricing has not been announced.