The Chinese zodiac sign of 2022 is the tiger, and Gucci is gearing up for it with a capsule collection revolving around the animal. The cat appears splashed on a bevy of goods including apparel, accessories, and footwear.

"This collection pays tribute to an ancient symbol that has fascinated humans across cultures and geographies since time immemorial," the Italian fashion house said in a statement.

"The Chinese zodiac is an ancient and fundamental element of Chinese culture, with its bold illustrations and symbols remaining relevant and meaningful today," creative director Alessandro Michele added. "This is why we wanted to celebrate it with a series of products that resonate so strongly within our customers."

Michele has long drawn on Chinese culture for his collections, most recently with the power of pajamas in Gucci's fall/winter 2018 show.

"In 2022, the year of the tiger, people who have great physical, mental, and spiritual power; as well as those willing to take any action necessary to achieve their objectives," Michelle added.

Gucci has created a striking collection that is both minimal and luxurious, appealing to its massive APAC customer base with designs ranging from classic stripes to modern motifs.

"The tiger is a symbol of strength, fearlessness, and determination," Michele says. "Its spirit allowed me to create this collection that I hope will inspire everyone to seize the day."

T-shirts and handbags sport graphics of the striped cat, while a floral print — inspired by an archival design by Vitoria Accornero — is applied to scarves, hoodies, and other pieces.

Gucci's tiger collection will be available February 15 on, with prices ranging from $590 for a sunglasses case to $1,600 for a tiger-print mini backpack.The distinctive big cat is incorporated into a floral pattern — which may be found on scarves, jackets, and handbags — inspired by an archival design by Vitoria Accornero. "GUCCI TIGER" is printed on T-shirts and monogrammed totes.