Gucci has committed to completely executing its three-tiered cultural awareness campaign following the well-known blackface turtleneck issue. Gucci Changemakers, a new worldwide initiative, and scholarship fund launched by the Italian fashion house, will promote inclusion and diversity within the brand through a well-curated action plan. Dapper Dan, a Harlem fashion veteran, is in charge of the initiative, which includes participants such as R&B artist, activist Micheala Angela Davis, UCLA educator Eric Avila, to mention a few.

A scholarship program, a company-wide volunteering effort, and the Gucci Changemakers Fund are all part of the program. All three projects are designed to promote ethnic diversity inside the house and beyond the fashion industry. The adjustments came after CEO and President of Gucci, Marco Bizzarri, met with Harlem designer Dapper Dan (who currently has an ongoing partnership with the company) to express his concern on the matter. Bizzarri mentioned his passion towards strengthening and unifying North American communities and how their new projects will greatly impact African-American communities and the youth.

Dan then posted on Instagram last month to update followers on Gucci’s new project, saying that he has been working closely with the company to help bring about these reforms.

The Gucci Changemakers Fund is the fashion brand’s inaugural initiative, with a $5 million contribution to non-profit organizations to help people of color in the United States. The company’s next project is a $1.5 million scholarship program aimed to encourage diversity among scholars who would want to pursue their careers in the fashion industry and each to be given a $20,000 grant fit and ready for their education in the course of four years. All 18,000 staff from Gucci around the world are also expected to participate in the paid four-day volunteer program focusing on either climate change, education, equality, or refugee support to the homeless in order to increase cultural awareness among communities.