The emerging Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer, and retailer, who is wholly owned by the company Fast Retailing--also known as the owner of Uniqlo, finally releases its first collaboration with the cult Japanese street-wear Undercover. 

This year, the famous street-wears create a special spring collection featuring tops, pants, shoes, accessories, loungewear, phone cases, and even face masks. 13 items from the collection highlights famous Disney characters, including the witch from Snow White and Mickey Mouse. All these will be in a more affordable price range. 

GU is known for its trendy pieces, collaborating with famous designers such as Dior's Kim Jones. Interestingly, This will be the first collaboration that will happen between Undercover, Jun Takashi and GU. It's finally out and about! Here's a lookbook on their official release. Visit the official website for more details.