It’s been a difficult few years for the world, and we hope that 2020 was a time to heal and initiate restoration. However, even though it seemed like the darkest hours were over, Google reveals that 2021 has brought more turbulence. With COVID-19 having an effect on almost every corner of Earth, especially its poorest regions, famine, natural disasters, and political unrest have caused millions to lose their homes. People are starting to fight back against the rise of Nativists in America and across Europe though, which has led to an increase in violence.

Above all else, Google shows that there are still millions of people working towards being reunited with loved ones who were separated during COVID-19. The video highlights that governments and NGOs around the world are working together in order to implement a framework facilitating family reunification and asylum, and that there has been an increase in searches for organizations aiding immigrants.

Google’s “Year in Search” offers insight into what people across the world were concerned with over the previous year, ranking the most-searched items. Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 was number one after having wiped out millions of lives and creating hundreds of thousands of refugees over the course of just a few days. The second highest search was for “FEMA” (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which suggests that governments around the world were doing their best to recover and save lives in light of the crises. The U.S. midterm elections also ended up in third place, with the Democratic Party’s victory ushers in a new era for America and international politics.Master Chief from the Halo series was also one of the most-searched fictional characters of 2021, which suggests that he is the hero so many are looking for during this turbulent time. A new Star Wars movie also made an appearance in the top searches, suggesting that people are continuing to hold out hope despite everything happening around them.