After celebrating her 96th and 97th birthdays in 2013 and 2014, what better way to celebrate Betty White’s 100th birthday than by showing her some love on Google.

The Hollywood icon turned 100 years old last January 17 — which is actually a Monday this year, not a Saturday as it was back when she turned 95 two years ago — and the Internet is paying tribute to the legendary comedian with a new Google Doodle that leads to her first page of search results.

For those who don’t know, Betty White was born as Betty Marion White on January 17, 1922 in Oak Park, Illinois. She began her career at an early age as a radio actress for the likes of The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, The Singing Detective, and Star Trek.

As she grew older, White went on to become a household name by starring in her own sitcoms like Life With Elizabeth (1954) and Date With the Angels (1957), as well as several TV movies that became popular for their comedic timing, such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls, and Empty Nest.

In the last 20 years or so, she’s been making a resurgence in movies like The Proposal (for which she received an Oscar nomination), Monsters vs. Aliens, and most recently the romantic comedy And So It Goes alongside Michael Douglas.

Google has not only given White’s own website a birthday doodle, but has also shown some Google+ love by posting two photos to its page for the actress.

There was one photo of her sitting next to an adorable dog with the caption “A woman can get away with anything… so long as she has the grooming habits of a Saint Bernard,” — a quote said by White during The Golden Girls.

Another one was of the star standing next to Whoopi Goldberg and Morgan Freeman with the caption “If you treat everyone like they’re special, then somebody is going to want their butt whupped!” — another quote from The Golden Girls.White is not only one of the most famous comedians to have ever lived, but she was also has had a career that spanned over seven decades. Google’s tribute today makes perfect sense considering her popularity and big birthday.