Jon Bernthal was interviewed right before he attended a press con for New York Comic-Con, highlighting his role as antagonist Cole D. Walker in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. In the interview, Bernthal recollects his acting experiences in the first video game in which he was more kindred with the theatre before he went to huge Hollywood movies. 

Bernthal's experience was quite surprising for him. He was wearing weird tights with dots all over his face, needing to act wearing those crazy outfits, but he got used to it and appreciated it even more in the process. The Ghost Recon breakpoint production was overwhelming, with almost 800 cameras present, with the pressure of performing one perfect take just like in theaters. As Bernthal mentioned, "Sometimes it's like a 15-minute take and you could be at minute eight and somebody could stumble their blocking or mess up their lines and then the take is thrown out with that many cameras on you, and I like that. It means that the stakes are pretty high, pressure's high, and like live theater there's nowhere to hide. So yeah, I really dig the process." 

He also talked about his fondness for hip-hop and its influence in his personal life. Watch the full interview in YouTube feat.  Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.