According to a report from Internet news site Input, Twitter is developing a new feature called Flock that allows users to select a certain group of individuals to share tweets with. In July, it was announced that Apple would enable "Trusted Friends" as part of its new(ish) privacy settings system.

That version of the software included a drop-down menu that offered users the choice of selecting between various audiences. The new tool was discovered in the Twitter app by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who found it via code in the software. Lists now have a limit of 150 people, and users will be notified when they're added to a list as well as if they're deleted, according to Paluzzi's images.

In addition, the tool appears to have been renamed from Trusted Friends to Flock. It also looks like there are several options for viewing a list's members, including a dropdown menu that includes names of users who've recently interacted with you, as well as a list of those who tweet most at you.

It’s unclear when Flock will be publicly released, but the feature is currently being tested with a limited number of users. Users have to opt-in to use it and access is available via a settings cog in the top right corner of their profiles.

Two weeks ago, Twitter also announced that it was working on a new tool called Highlights that will let users add a collection of tweets to their profiles in order to provide up-to-date summaries. That feature, which was also teased in last year, isn’t available to all users yet.

Flock is an upcoming feature of Twitter. It is a tool that lets users select a specific group of people to share tweets with.Twitter has always been about sharing information with selected groups of people, including who you want to hear from. But if notifications are turned on, you will get a notification every time someone adds or removes one of your contacts.