"A highly successful enterprise for the State" as Franklin D. Roosevelt flaunts the exceptional 4,760-foot–long suspension bridge, George Washington Bridge; also known to be the world's busiest bridges, as it was called "a masterpiece of traffic engineering." 

Built in 1927–1931 by Engineer Othmar H. Ammann, and later modified the designs by Architect Cass Gilbert. This Vehicular suspension bridge enables transport across the Hudson River, U.S., between The Palisades park near Fort Lee, New Jersey, and Manhattan Island, New York City (between 178th and 179th streets). By 1958–1962 lower deck with six more traffic lanes was appended. A modern bus terminal on the Manhattan side was designed by Pier Luigi Nervi.

Operated and maintained by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Tour along with the Homeless Penthouse through this Walkthrough video of George Washington Bridge. If you're into a high definition 4K resolution photo/video, you can also check out this brand new DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera that we used throughout the Video tour.