Sprüth Magers gallery, Los Angeles boasts George Condo's new exhibit entitled "What's the Point?" A question Condo asks to himself.

"What's the point of consistency in art? Every time I put a brushstroke down on a canvas, I ask myself, 'What's the point?'" - Condo

Here's a transcript of spruethmagers' documentary clip on George Condo's exhibit help last April-June 2019: 'What's the Point of consistency in art? Every time I put a brushstroke down on a canvas I ask myself, "What's the Point?" What's the Point of each and every mark going onto the painting?...There is no guideline to the unknown. It is a path cut out in the wild with a machete looking for a clearing and hoping to arrive at a destination. That, I believe, is the point, in fact: to arrive at your destination. It may be on the other end of an illogical equation which finally makes sense only some number of years later, or finally does not make sense in the end but remains the ultimate ending: the finished painting.

Through this lens, one can see the entire world to ask What's the Point of meaningless intangibles and vacant thoughts, blank space or overpopulated ruminations. What's the Point of being consistent? In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

George Condo

The exhibit arouses this set of questions that every artist should have been asking themselves to create and share their very masterpieces with the world. Featuring several oil works on linen, Condo expresses ideas from beggars and thieves in classic Dutch and Italian 17th-century portraiture paintings. Take a closer look; we've compiled images just for you!

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