The Homeware collections for Fashion Enthusiasts series continues to present design objects that have been created by fashion labels and studios in collaboration with leading furniture & homeware brands.  Each brand has used their diverse skillsets to produce a cohesive collection that satisfies the design sensibilities of both fashion and homeware.  

With several collaboration budding across the industry it gained more and more demand and popularity. The collaboration between fashion and furniture in this case is nothing new; from Christian Louboutin designing heels with Jean Nouvel for the Maison du Louvre, to Alexander McQueen and Karim Rashid partnering on a series of sculptures in 2011.  

These are not occasional projects however; furniture is now becoming intrinsic to many fashion labels' business models as there has been an increasing trend of young designers setting up their own furniture business alongside their main fashion brand.  The furniture itself has also become an increasingly important part of the fashion spectacle; with some brands integrating the production of homeware into their seasonal fashion shows and collaborating on furniture collections down to a tee with their runway designs. 

In other cases, designers will work in tandem with a single brand or manufacturer to produce a one-off collection of furniture, rather than using several different brands for each individual product. Versace and Alessi are not new partners in the homeware space such as Lulu & Co ( Gosha Rubchinskiy ) or Saint Laurent who recently partnered with Cutler and Gross on an eyewear range.  Here are several list of homeware and furniture that you don't want to miss out this year!