A one-man hype factory, Hiroshi Fujiwara is a remarkable designer and musician that brought hip-hop to Japan. He became a vessel for a cross-cultural exchange through his dedication to bringing Western records and style to Ura-Harajuku. It was an infectious passion for hip hop and punk that easily spread throughout Tokyo's youth culture back in the time when conservative taste was declining. His famous creative design consultancy Fragment Design brought to life astounding streetwear products throughout Nippon and worldwide, initiating eminent collaborations with Haruki Murakami, Eric Clapton, Louis Vuitton, Levi's, Nike, and Moncler. 

One of his latest series collection is the Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara collection that features heavy-duty styled winter clothes, such as traditional parka and bomber jacket in retro Mod cits, and contrasting sleeve twists; together with an interesting collaboration with Pokémon, presenting bold three-way branding and imaginative reworkings of a certain iconic dynamic mouse. (Pokemon x Moncler x Fujiwara)

Fujiwara believes in the two creative forces (music and fashion), that works together through his remarkable collection. From the Interview that PORT had with Fujiwara, he commented on his popular label as "the living internet", and this was his response: 

"Before the internet, I was carrying so much information from my travels – meeting great people and bringing it all back to Tokyo. Now that it's really here, you can get information instantly. People still need a filter to get good, or better information than everyone else. So that's what I'm trying to be, a better filter, an authority."