With the pressure to give decent presents that don't show you've been procrastinating, the hunt for excellent present ideas is on. Fortunately, Frank Ocean has you covered.

The artist's self-taught luxury brand, Homer, is finally kicking off outside of its New York appointment-only headquarters with the debut of their new website just before the holidays. The debut collection, which was first launched earlier this year, is a high-end line of rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

As previously mentioned on numerous occasions (including two weeks ago), Ocean's label has had quite the year with the release of his Grammy-winning Blonde and albums like Migos' C U L T U R E that showed how challenging it is for mainstream music to keep up with new, creative movements.

For example, Ocean has brought back the most sought after trend of 2016 with 'Dad hats.' They're classy yet fit with the "I woke up a little too late and had to throw this together real quick" aesthetic that is going to be roaring in 2017.

Don't believe us? Just take a look at how Ocean wore his hat, which features Homer's signature monogram logo on the front for an added touch of subtlety with your suit or jeans.

The hats are available in five different colors including black, beige, and white (all of which can be pimped out with Homer's signature brass detailing) for $95-$105.

Also worth mentioning is the Homer newsstand app that is currently available on iPhone and Android. The application allows users to purchase exclusive content from the brand like videos and music that can't be found anywhere else.With the new website, you'll soon be able to purchase Homer's staff holiday sweaters which are bound to go great with your new hat. Save some money this season, buy yourself a gift from Frank Ocean instead.