A property inspired by the renowned Architect and Designer Frank Lloyd Wright has just been brought back to the market at USD 12.9 million. Located at Carmel, New York, this 11-acre property flaunts  Architect Wright's influence on its aesthetics. With two guest houses, a private beach, a helipad, own dock, and the main home with four bedrooms. 

Technically, this astounding property was made possible with Thomas Heinz's help--Architect Wright's scholar, the main man's vision was brought to life. Though back in 1949, Ahmed Chahroudi, the initial island owner, wanted to build Wright's original design. Unfortunately, his funds didn't permit him to. In 1995, Business tycoon Joe Massaro purchased the island property and decided to develop Wright's original design. Thomas Heinz was tapped to work on the design using the succession notes and floor plans that Arch. Wright left heeding his death in 1959.

The property's geometrical elements are very evident that even the skylights flood the home with light. Chunks of natural rock formation were also exposed as if the house just grew out of the island. The concrete walls were created with an impressive masonry style. The property also highlights a plentiful space for outdoor living with a wraparound terrace and extensive patios. Interestingly, the cantilevered house appears to float over the lake.