FORMA is finally here to help you locate the things you can not find and the things you usually need to find because they cannot be recreated.

Etienne Deroeux and Rae Boxer’s new worldwide creative platform has brought together a diverse group of creatives to develop and discover new or old life essentials. The group mentions that every new product on the market has continued to become a solution to a very limited demographic or has communicated only to a very particular segment. As a response to this analysis, they intended to present a more broad and democratic vision in which quality and price are both important factors in the everyday needs of people.

FORMA then offers its first-ever drop with this in mind. Books, coffee pots, seats, and t-shirts are among the items found in the collection, but they are much more than what has been distinguished of them. The t-shirt, for instance, was designed to be three times heavier than a regular t-shirt, and the French press coffee pot was created in conjunction with one of the best – Danish manufacturer Stelton.

Throughout “Drop 1,” vintage books and prints abound, including one from Marcel Breuer and another from the autobiography of Yohji Yamamoto, My Dear Bomb. Furthermore, while we are on the subject of Breuer, FORMA will also be launching an all-back Wassily chair inspired by one of his designs.

FORMA has thought that cheap education is what has benefited many great artists, therefore a percentage of the earnings from the collection will be contributed to its own foundation, which strives to provide financial assistance to young artists all around the globe.