This stencil is meant to convey the message of hope and peace. The masked figure represents a young man, his hands thrown up in front of him as he throws flowers into an empty sky. This image has been seen all over London's streets amidst the violence that plagues many countries around the world today. Banksy wants us to remember that there are those who still believe we can have genuine love for one another despite our differences; they don't want war or destruction- only joy and beauty like what these bouquets represent

Rage, the Flower Thrower (or Love Is In The Air) by Banksy is one of most iconic stencils showing a masked Palestinian throwing away this bouquet filled with some flowers while other flowers are still in their vases. The same bouquet was used in another stencil and that is Flower Girl by Banksy.

Some artist have a hard time deciding where to sell their artwork for the best price and some painstakingly have been looking high and low for the best art galleries or auction houses that will buy their artwork. It's hard to know where to sell your artwork in a good price, but here are some tips you can consider:

  • Collectors are very difficult people to look for as they usually keep a low profile since not all of them are successful artists. But look for those people who has the same interests in your type of artwork and make sure to approach them very politely and carefully. When you meet them try to greet them with a smile while shaking their hands, don't forget to be grateful as they may hear about you from other collectors, too.
  • Come up with a good pitch and present your artwork carefully. Most importantly, be yourself always so they can see your passion with the work you do as well as how much effort you have put on it.

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