The city of New York is slowly getting closer to receiving an intriguing new landmark and building an Olympic-sized public floating pool along the East River. The project’s creators claim local officials have given them the go signal to proceed with the idea after more than ten years of campaigning, financing, and testing.

The “+ Pool” concept call for a 285,500-gallon public pool to be developed on a floating island. According to the organizers of the project, layers of “filter membranes” would make the water suitable for swimming while also cleaning the river surrounding it. The pool is expected to clean almost 600,000 gallons of river water each day. The “+” design of the pool will come with a lap pool and a children’s section and will be designed by Los Angeles company PlayLab and is assured to be able to purify river water without the need of chemicals. Using the software created by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to model a filtration system for different membranes.

Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeff Franklin from PlayLab, as well as Dong-Ping Wong from Family, co-founded the +Pool establishment, which has since been disbanded.

The group has spent almost ten years gathering finances and developing the technology, with plans halted owing to these trying times due to COVID-19, until the organization obtained clearance from the Economic Development Corporation of New York to proceed with due diligence.