Another important day that is celebrated all around the world, honoring all the Fathers near or far. Highlighting their significant contributions and importance in everyone's lives. Today is a great day to show your fathers, brothers, uncles some lovin' and wish them the best day for this year! Here's a silver lining despite the global situation, all transactions are finally online. We've compiled the top 10 gift guides ideal for our awesome Dads out there; you can just click and go from your favorite online shops!

New York Pint Glass - Turn the house party upside down with the most astounding supreme-themed beer glass a dad could own. The NYC Logo Pint Glass by the legendary NYC skate brand is the perfect cup for any beer enthusiasts looking to flex while they sip. The pint is sold individually or in a set of four for the whole squad. Featuring the iconic NYC Logo design and fine craftsmanship. 

Coffee Mug - Start the day off right; let your dad begin his day with a cup of coffee with this Supreme-themed mug. A very affordable mug perfect for a work from home set up too. 

Eames Lounge Chair with Ottoman - something to strengthen your dad's core and back muscles; Promoting healthy posture since we're not getting any younger. Show your love by gifting them a unique ergonomic design that offers the best of comfort, professional made. Featuring its high-grade quality, stable and easy clean. Perfect for all room set up, providing optimal comfort, ensuring a sturdy stance can support up to 330lbs. Grab this Mid-century lounge chair and enjoy the perks of this luxurious item.

uKeg GO, Tungsten - Here's a pressurized, brew-saving uKegs with 64 oz capacity, optimized for quenching thirst on the go. Check out this vacuum-insulated stainless steel that keeps the beer cold and can maintain freshness and optimal carbonation for weeks. How about that for a father's day gift?

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones - Take your dad's music and work experience to the next level and go completely wireless with this Powerbeats Pro. High-performance earphones with up to 9 hours listening time and have more secured fit ear hooks for lightweight comfort and stability. These wireless earphones are also compatible with IOS and Android phones. What are you waiting for? 

Downing - Sunglasses aren't just for travel getaway get-ups. Staycations are the new thing, and sunglasses will always be enjoyed even on a sunny day at your backyards or even a zoom call for some stylin'. Here's something from Warby Parker's scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UV rays.

Beau de Jour Fragrance by TOM FORD - Remarkably, this Tom Ford's Fragrance set features an earthy and woody scent representing the perfectly groomed gentleman. Another way to let your dad know that you care; it symbolizes affection since it's something dads won't buy very often. With elegant packaging and delightful scents, giving fragrances as gifts shows how much people are worth the expense. 

Arrows pattern bathrobe by Off-White - Bathrobe is one of the most suitable gifts for many occasions that can be matched with all sorts of spa accessories. Interestingly, it has a simple size selection tho many bathrobes come in a one-size-fits-all option. A smooth and lush bathrobe is just perfect! Bundle up in the cosiness of this Off-White bathrobe. Decorated in the signature Arrows motif, it makes a striking post-shower choice. Comfort is key.

Auto-Stir Air Fryer - As of July 2020, there has been a surge in popularity with this gadget, should we call it "The Rise of the Air fryers". There are endless possibilities with this one in your kitchen. From chicken wings, homemade french fries, roasted veggies, and fresh-baked cookies! Most definitely, dads wouldn't want to miss out on the convenience that this air fryer can give. How about level-up the game with an "Auto-stir"?

Hachi Infinite M Touchscreen Projector - shift your movie nights with Daddy into a Movie night 3.0 with this incredible projector that transforms any surface into a touchscreen! It is a tiny ultra short throw portable projector that's about the size of a DVD boxset. Alternatively, it can be connected to a phone, PC or even a gaming console. It's perfect for video conferencing too!