A very remarkable Spanish painter and sculptor who demonstrated extraordinary talent throughout his years of existence, Pablo Picasso was considered one of the most influential artists in the 20th century. He pioneered the cubist movement, invented constructed sculpture, co-invented the concept of collage making, and several more styles. 

He has been training his artistic skills with his father at his early age, particularly in figure drawing and oil painting. He was a tireless innovator that has significantly contributed to several artistic movements. Most of his works are often categorized into periods, as he was able to create thousands of artworks throughout the course of his life. He has received tremendous favor for his exceptional revolutionistic artworks being admired local and global. We've compiled famous works of Pablo Picasso that continues to keep everyone stunned and curious. 

Portrait of Corina Romeu by Pablo Picasso • 1902

Woman on the street by Pablo Picasso • 1901

Artist's mother by Pablo Picasso 

Longchamp by Pablo Picasso • 1901

Portrait of Gustave Coquiot by Pablo Picasso • 1901

The pool of Tuileries by Pablo Picasso • 1901

The death of Casagemas by Pablo Picasso • 1901

Woman in blue by Pablo Picasso • 1902