A developed property in California located in Santa Barbara County has struck the market again. This 2,700-acre property owned by the most significant cultural figure of the 20th Century, the King of Pop--Michael Jackson. From its previous listing price in 2015 as $100 million, it was cut down to $67 million in 2017, then was withdrawn from the market months after, finally being listed at a lower price. 

According to Florysth, one of the property agent's colleagues, "Now, is the right time". With the ranch being co-owned by Jackson's Estate and Colony Capital's fund management, everything will be in a smooth transition. The Main house where Jackson spent years living in, is roughly 12,000-square-foot, with a huge lagoon-style pool, tennis area, basketball court, and its very own fire department and a 1950s fire truck. 

Part of the pop star icon's treasure is his exotic creatures collection--a private menagerie with elephants, orangutans, llamas, and several others. Jackson has also loved video games, creating an entire gaming room where he housed his video game collections and game machines. Unfortunately, the mansion will not come with the previously mentioned iconic collections and memorabilia. 

Back in 1987, the pop star icon bought the property for $19.5 million and lived there for more than 15 years. The Infrastructure upgrades have been very costly for the management, from security systems, complete compound landscaping, to separating Micahel Jackon's Identity from his very mansion.