Known for his revolutionary designs, the Algerian born designer Yves Saint Laurent was one of the greatest innovators. Launching his label in 1961, he created an exceptional name in the industry, becoming the leading light of fashion. To honor his legacy, we've compiled Yves Saint Laurent's stand out moments in the fashion world.

The Safari Jacket -  With great inspiration from the outfits of African Korps and East Asian Men, Saint Lauren created a magnificent "safari jacket" featuring a front laced safari tunic. 

Laurent and Catherine Deneuve's longstanding friendship - back in 1967, Laurent created Deneuve's entire wardrobe in the film Belle de Jour, as he reminisced his youth in the very same character that Deneuve was playing for. A well behaved,  melancholic child tormented by inner demons. Later on, Yves has been creating several costumes for other films of Catherine's, including La Sirène du Mississipi (1969) and The Hunger (1983).

Transparency - In the height of sexual revolution and feminism, revealing the female body without a sense of vulgarity became part of Laurent's fashion style. "Nothing is more beautiful than a naked body" as he said. Thus, creating a completely transparent chiffon dress with a belt made of ostrich feathers.

Fashion and Art - Saint Laurent dared to go further by putting artworks on the runway. Several iconic collections were his sixties-style shift dresses featuring the 1966 grid-like modernist paintings of a Dutch artist. The 1966 pop art-inspired collection made a bridge between high art and low culture. And the 1988 Georges Braque-inspired dresses, 1988 Vincent van Gogh-inspired jacket. 

Le Smoking - is a tuxedo-style suit that instantly became a provocative statement of a new femininity. According to Saint Laurent, He wanted women to have the same essential wardrobe as a man. "Blazer, trousers and suit. They're so functional. I believed women wanted this and were right."