Funky mirrors have become increasingly popular in recent months, as seen from celebrity selfies and TikTok trends. And it is no surprise: the pandemic has pushed us all to retreat indoors, where we’ve spent the last year looking at our own windows in Zoom meetings or reflections in our mirrors. Because most of us are unkempt and usually wear the same sweatpants every day, stylish mirrors have become a fun way to boost our selfies without having to change.

The newest Instagram-approved décor trend has been modernish mirrors. They range in from handcrafted blob forms to sophisticated lit up pieces, but they’re all meant to draw attention in a certain space or in an #OOTD selfie.

Since the 1970s, the Ultrafragola mirror has been noticed and used. The towering, neon-lit mirror, designed by Italian architect Ettore Sottsass, is full of personality, and its pink glow provides for ideal selfie lighting (which certainly explains its $10,000 price tag). Such statement mirrors are currently owned by fashion icons Elsa Hosk and Bella Hadid.

Another trend known as Foam mirrors give the ‘80s post-modern vibe a more free-form aspect. The best part is you can freely customize and personalize the foam outline on them to fit your own room and environment. A mirror, expanding spray foam, and spray paint are all you will need.

The Lotta Blob Mirrors are handcrafted in London and have colorful outlines in a popular curved form. When hung on the wall or used a vanity platter, the small pieces form an eye-catching piece of décor. Its popularity has spread through TikTok, where a number of content creators demonstrate how to build your own.

Pond Mirrors are known for their organic shape and form, with businesses like Yaba Studio and Ferm Living drawing influence from clouds and ponds, respectively, for their designs.

Another popular choice for full-body mirror photos and self-photographs is Gustaf Westman’s Curvy Mirror. These pastel-trimmed mirrors, which come in a variety of sizes can give a sense of playfulness to even the tiniest of spaces.