The French graffiti artist Futura and the Portuguese artist Andre Saraiva, aka Monsieur A, have come together in an urban partnership as they give the streets of London a fresh coat of spray paint.

Futura's signature flowing style is blended with Saraiva's own 'Futuristic' abstracted lettering for a striking effect. The joint project, entitled Entre Nous, sees the two artists adopt each other's styles to create images that exist between them and their respective graffiti crews.  

The tag team collaboration was borne from a discussion between Saraiva and his Futura counterpart about whether they could 'take' each other's styles.  

Saraiva said: "I was telling Futura that we could do something together because I've always liked his style, and he was saying the same thing about my work. So he came to London for a weekend in September 2012 and we started painting Entre Nous."

The pair's exploration of each other's distinct styles resulted in the development of two characters, one of which is a hybrid between Futura and Saraiva.  

The Portuguese artist describes their joint style as 'Futuristic' graffiti. "I always say my work is futuristic because it takes all the technical things I've done before my life," he said.  

"But the thing is, it's not about futuristic and old-fashioned – it's just a new way to look at graffiti."

The central figure in this series of works has an ambiguous face, which Saraiva said represents the 'unknown'. "This character is like a person that doesn't exist but actually does. We recognise ourselves in this piece and nobody else."  

The two artists have also created a series of works based on the characters that appear in Futura's work. One such portrait is of Saraiva himself, with another inspired by his character Mister A.

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