One of the biggest names in hip-hop has taken a major step into crypto. The rapper Eminem has purchased a new limited edition NFT from Bored Ape, paying with an ETH equivalent to $450,000 USD according to tweets posted by both GeeGazza and Six on Thursday night. It is believed that GeeGazza had been hoping to sell the NFT to Eminem for a long period of time, as he tweeted back in November that the rapper was destined to purchase it from him.

The new NFT is called the “EminApe,” and looks eerily similar to Eminem himself. It was created by Bored Ape, who recently made headlines for their creation of the CryptoBariYTN which has now sold over 20 copies.

GeeGazza's NFT is called "EminApe" and features a Bored Ape character dressed much like the rapper himself with "Bored Ape" written on the back of his vest. The NFT is one of only 10 available, and was sold via BAYC member site Eth2.

Although cryptocurrency-related purchases remain uncommon for notable celebrities, GeeGazza has talked before about hoping to sell his NFT to him or another major celebrity like Beyonce.

"I still think @Eminem is destined to buy my @BoredApeYC one day," he tweeted in November.

Although it's not clear what the artist will do with his new NFT, or whether he holds any crypto assets himself, the purchase is significant as a sign of growing exposure for the industry.

"I can't wait to see what he does with his @BoredApeYC. It's great that the mainstream is scratching their heads and starting to understand this new world," GeeGazza tweeted after the transaction was completed.Eminem has recently returned after a long period in hiatus, but has not yet released an album or appeared in anything other than a cameo role.