Another cryptocurrency surged this year; Dogecoin is on the move as Elon Musk continues to swing on Twitter. Last April 28, 201, he just tweeted about his future appearance at Saturday Night Live and called himself "The Dogefather."

From last months analytics, there has been a significant increase of percentage in Dogecoin'sDogecoin's price as it surged before it dropped slightly, right after. Interestingly, as Musk continues to tweet about it, as its values jump, according to a recent study, there's also an increase in investment in Dogecoin due to Musk's tweets. 

 According to Mark Cuban, one of the investors, ""cryptocurrency is the one coin that people actually use for transaction...People spend their Doge and that means more businesses will start taking it...Dogecoin was a whole lot better of an investment than a lottery ticket.""