Business magnate and inventor Elon Musk has revealed plans for Tesla's humanoid AI robot.

Jokingly named IR-X, the new robot will be used to help manufacture parts for the company's cars. The entrepreneur explained: 'We're going to go for a amusement park attraction thing - you'll get in there, talk to it.' He added: 'It'll be like, "Okay, what would you like to do?”

In a Twitter Q&A hosted by Musk on Friday afternoon, he revealed the plans for the robot. He explained that it will have two hands and fully articulated fingers that can touch light switches and buttons as well as having sensors so it can see, hear and touch.

'I think we're going to go for a amusement park attraction thing … you'll get in there, talk to [the robot]…'  

As well as being used for manufacturing parts for Tesla's other products, the robot could also be sent on missions to Mars with humans. The entrepreneur explained that the 'co-creator' of IR-X, Steve Davis, would be designing a new supersonic electric jet with vertical take off and landing capabilities.

These will be used to transport people and supplies to Mars before building a colony on the red planet. Musk said: 'We'll just have a giant party... If you wanted to have a base on Mars and send people back, you really need to address those issues. 'However, if stay there, then that's fine.'

The businessman also revealed plans for a Tesla-branded home robot vacuum cleaner and for the company's solar roof tiles to be used in the construction of low-cost homes. This, he said, would help tackle one of the biggest problems on Earth - housing.

'We're going to integrate… power generation and storage with Tesla solar roofs,' Musk said. 'This is something we can do well.' He said he was certain that this would be a product that will be brought to market in the coming years.