The apartment, which was left largely untouched by the building’s last design iteration in the ‘60s and its subsequent occupation as a furniture showroom before the Yedids’ ownership, features 15-foot ceilings and an abundance of natural light due to its set-back location.

"It's a unique space," Edward Yedid says of the apartment, "with a lot of character and a lot of charm."

To make it feel like home for his young clients, Yedid infused the 3,000-square-foot space with a sense of playfulness. Bright colors and whimsical patterns abound, from the playful animal wallpaper in the living room to the vivid seagrass wallpaper—a family favorite—in the hallway, to the graphic elephant motifs on a pair of velvet chairs in the girls’ room.

In fact, Yedid says one of his main goals was to create a space that could grow with his clients’ children. "I wanted them to feel like they could be here for a while," he says.

When it came time to choose the apartment’s décor, Yedid looked to his own home as inspiration. "My son is 4 years old; my daughter is 2 years old, and I felt like this was something that they would enjoy too." He adds, "I felt like if I could make it work for me, then I would enjoy living here as well."

The apartment’s neutral-toned palette was achieved through custom paint colors that Yedid mixed himself. "I chose shades of gray because it has a calming effect," he says. Pops of color were supplied by graphic accents and statement furniture pieces, such as the bold blue sofa in the living room.

The layout of the apartment was also designed with children in mind. In lieu of a formal dining area, Yedid created a breakfast nook that can easily accommodate a table and chairs. And rather than having one large bedroom, he divided the space into two rooms, each with its own closet and bathroom.

"I feel like it's really important to have your own space," he says. "It gives the kids a sense of ownership."The end result is an apartment that is at once sophisticated and fun, perfect for a young family looking to make a home in one of Manhattan’s most vibrant neighborhoods.