A Japanese fashion clothing brand by Nigo, A Bathing Ape, conclusively collaborated with a high-end furniture designer Modernica. Featuring an Eames' inspired molded polyester reinforced with fiberglass slide shell seat and BAPE's signature camo with mixed BAPE ape head into it.

BAPE has been slaying it for a long time up until today. It has become the definitive Japanese Streetwear brand --as Grailed defined it so. Proving BAPE as one of the most exceptional menswear brands, Fujiwara and Pharrell can speak up for themselves. It has been the core of cultural discourse because of its astounding set of collaborations done for years running now. 

BAPE has never been afraid to expand its brand's interest, resulting in remarkable collaborations in the streetwear's history. Interestingly, the Case Study Side Shell chairs' creation proved an extensive success, and the limited edition rapidly shifted to a must-have for BAPE enthusiasts. Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames' original 1948 design for Herman Miller, Modernica continues to acknowledge the great works of the original masters. 

2009 was a remarkable year for the two brands. Since then, they have come unitedly several times, from numerous Case Study Chairs, a fold metal side table, and a wooden coffee table, always appropriating classic Mid-Century and Modern patterns with a distinct BAPE twist